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Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 Is Happening Today

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Today is E3 Conference!  Today is the <a href="http://www.xbox.com/en-US/e3/live-event/desktop#fbid=AiySS0X3_z1">Microsoft Conference</a>.  There is a number of ways to watch E3.   On Spike TV for those with cable or on the E3 stream.   For people who want a more personal experience and a chance to chat with people at the same time, then:


<span style="color: #006621;">www.</span><b style="color: #006621;">twitch</b><span style="color: #006621;">.tv/</span><b style="color: #006621;">polaris</b>


<span style="color: #006621;">www.twitch.tv/</span><b style="color: #006621;">blackbustertwitch</b><span style="color: #006621;">/</span>



Honestly, I'm sure you'll have a better chance to get a response from blackbuster.  Polaris and Blackbuster offer real opinions of E3 while Spike and E3 streams offer a more official look at games.  So, personal or official? You decide.



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