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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Sims 3 Island Paradise: The Bycochos Family

Hello everyone.  I am back with a The Sims 3 Island Paradise let's play on you tube. 

 I have been playing with the Bychochos family for months so each member has done a lot of stuff.  The family consists of 2 merman, 1 mermaid, 2 vampires, 2 fairies, and 2 unicorns. There will be other families in the future.  About two more families.  Maybe one without a lifestate (non human sims) but I love my lifestates. 
Since the Bychochos family have a lot lifetime points and money, I will be going around town and doing goofy things (like throwing elixirs at Sims) or completing challenges listed in the skill journals.  Other sim families will explore what Island Paradise has to offer or just work and build families.
The next family will get a houseboat.  Due to having unicorns, I can not get a houseboat.  My unicorns need land.