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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Northeast Championship

I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I am into fighting games.  Injustice is one of the games that I have been playing since April thanks to the local scene I am in.  On the first weekend of December, I went to Philadelphia and participated in an Injustice tournament.  I made it to fifth place in my pools (which was pool 5) and went 3 and 2.  Oddly, I lost to Mr. Aquaman the guy who is not only in my scene but also one of the first people who taught me how to play my character.
I would like to post all the matches that I had on stream and put them on my youtube channel but Kombat Network's stream went down during my two matches.  Please look toward the end of the stream here and the beginning of this stream here for my matches.  Things happen.
Luckily a few other matches were recorded during my pools thanks to the AVerMedia.  
The matches below were recorded with this device. You can buy it on Amazon if you like the quality.

NEC XIV Injustice Pools - JamesMK (Martian Manhunter) vs Ice Angel (Aquaman)


NEC XIV Injustice Pools - EMPR Outworld (Black Adam) vs Ice Angel (Aquaman)

The only match not recorded was me (Ice Angel) versus Masta CJ; a mirror match.  I only use Aquaman.  The last day at NEC was funny as everyone was snowed in, the hotel rooms were all taken, and so we played with other Injustice tournament participants before finally being able to leave around five (the roads were closed for a while). 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Been Busy Lately

Busy Life 

Sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes we have to spend months alone in a room for eight hours a day and study for certifications.  Sometimes we nearly loose sanity from all the isolation and decide to get back to everyday life.  That last part is another discussion for a blog or live journal.  

Spam Filter  

Anyway, I just did some work on this website last night.  I often do not ignore emails but I forgot about this website, the email address I use for this website, and even the youtube channel I associate with this website.  I am so sorry and would like to let people know that I have looked and responded to whatever questions was posted in the comments.  ALSO, for everyone's information, I have put a spam filter on this website.  So that means all the spammers can go jump off a cliff now. 
cliff jumping
By commenting on my website, I get an email update showing me your comment.  I have the decision to approve that comment, ignore the comment, or simply move that comment to the trash can.  It is easy to  tell what comment is spam no matter what language (so far English, Russian, and Japanese) or whatever social strategies someone is using.  Please do not pretend to have idle conversations and then post a link to whatever you are trying to sell.   THANK YOU!