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Monday, April 28, 2014

Civil War VI and Gaming Schedule

If you have been following my tumblr account, then you know that I have been busy.  Last week I went to Civil War 6, my old fightstick died on me, I went 2 and 2 in the Injustice tournament, and I fought the only joker player in all of history.  Apparently, joker is a bad match up for Aquaman.  Like all fighting game tournaments, I met a lot of nice and helpful people and leveled up.  
Civil War was the first major I went to.  I went 2 0 in a Persona tournament.  How much I have improved since then.
With a new job, comes money and I was able to order a new arcade stick when I went home.  Already, I replaced some of the buttons for the Q4 as I'm not a fan of yellow.  By next week, I should have artwork already on the arcade stick.  
On the Lets Play side of things, I will be playing Dust, Anodyne, and some visual novel soon.  I just need to figure out my schedule.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Top of the Food Chain 7

Tournament: Top of the Food Chain 7

Hello guys.  Yesterday was Top of the Food Chain 7.  Still playing Aquaman since the game's release, I managed to take 9th place at Top of the Food Chain.  TOTFC is a bi-monthly tournament for various fighting games.  Whenever I end up on stream, I post my part on my youtube channel.

I got 9th place. This is my last match. Which happened to be the only one on stream.  I lost my first match with Octoglass and won my other two matches.  Like all tournaments, I learn something and continue to practice.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Impressions: Anime Pirates

You love One Piece?  You ever wanted to fight alongside Luffy?  You desire to become King of the Pirates?  I sort of have the game for you.  That game is called Anime Pirates!   Anime Pirates is obviously a One Piece MMORPG browser game.


Anime Pirates is pretty colorful and the players will get a chance to run into various characters from the One Piece series.  As someone who is not a fan of One Piece, I could recognize quite a few of the popular One Piece characters.  Any video game based on a particular franchise can be enjoyable despite someone not being a fan of the material (seeing non-anime fans enjoy the daylights out of Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost comes to mind).
Anime Pirates is meant to be played at leisure or not played at all.  There is an auto feature which allows the player to click on the quest and have the player auto walk to the quester.  I then obtain my quest and beat the crap out of my opponents.  The battles are pretty boring.  I set up my crew in the formations that I desire and watch them auto fight the battle for me
The only control that I had in battle was with selecting the formations of my crew on the battlefield and giving them their equipment.

Going Deeper

The more I played, the more options opened up to me.  I obtained more crew members, a ship, and the arena.  I also noticed the game is latent with grammar errors.  If you're like me and tried let's playing this game, then reading obviously grammatically incorrect sentences was a bother.  Every few levels, gave me a change of scenery and the option to fight in the arena.
This is a browser game.  It probably did not take much time to make.  Strangely, I found myself wanting to play more to see what options I was going to get next.  Anime Pirates is available on pirates-anime.com
Me Let's Playing Anime Pirates