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Monday, April 28, 2014

Civil War VI and Gaming Schedule

If you have been following my tumblr account, then you know that I have been busy.  Last week I went to Civil War 6, my old fightstick died on me, I went 2 and 2 in the Injustice tournament, and I fought the only joker player in all of history.  Apparently, joker is a bad match up for Aquaman.  Like all fighting game tournaments, I met a lot of nice and helpful people and leveled up.  
Civil War was the first major I went to.  I went 2 0 in a Persona tournament.  How much I have improved since then.
With a new job, comes money and I was able to order a new arcade stick when I went home.  Already, I replaced some of the buttons for the Q4 as I'm not a fan of yellow.  By next week, I should have artwork already on the arcade stick.  
On the Lets Play side of things, I will be playing Dust, Anodyne, and some visual novel soon.  I just need to figure out my schedule.  

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