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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sacred Sand BXB Visual Novel

I am back with another visual novel called Sacred Sand.


"Lorr is a merchant who is currently set up at an outpost in order to help supply the Gradoan army. The outpost was set up in an attempt to put a halt to the recent attacks made on the capital by the Shaherons, a tribe of people that live in the desert. The reasons for this sudden increase in violence is unknown, but that's hardly Lorr's problem--until the outpost gets raided and he ends up being captured by none other than a Shaheron prince."

If you haven't noticed by now, I love boy's love.  This visual novel was sitting on my computer for a year and I decided to play it finally.  I might do another let's play and put that on youtube.  Looking at the thread for this game, Silverhyena (the visual novel's creator) did a ton of endings for this game.  Almost all characters are romanceable.  I can only wonder how long this visual novel took to make.

I didn't feel like playing Sacred Sand was a choire with it's long length but I felt that some explanations were not needed (the whole language explanation was one of the uneeded explanations) and either should have been left out of the writing or let the visual media tell the story (show don't tell).

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